Why pre-need funeral home planning is important

People don’t enjoy lingering over thoughts of death, especially when they don’t have to, and no one likes to consider their own deaths. Even if you are comfortable with the topic, odds are bringing it up only makes your family squirm unhappily. But pre-planning your funeral can not only help you control how your family says goodbye, but it will relieve the burden of forcing your loved ones to make those decisions for you in the middle of their grief. It might also help you come to terms with your mortality and find peace with it, or you may at least find that it offers some financial security to have your plans in place.

Preplanning: Where to Begin

If you think you might be interested in preplanning your funeral, start contacting funeral homes in your area. Telling your family “It’s not a big deal, just bury me” does not actually help make the process any more simple. The funeral and/or memorial service require many decisions even if you keep them simple. If you have any questions, a funeral service director can tell you exactly what to expect and what choices you have to make in terms of music, readings, etc. You can also get a copy of the National Funeral Directors Association’s Bill of Rights for Funeral Preplanning as a resource. At the very least, you can help make financial decisions to pre-fund your funeral and consider a preneed insurance policy. But your planning does not have to be a somber event, either. You can go through the process peacefully, knowing that you are planning this event for your loved ones so that they can say goodbye.


The Benefits of Looking Ahead

Pre-planning can mean many different things. It is a time for you to make your wishes known. You can control the cost of your funeral, make sure that your will and other financial records are organized where your beneficiaries know where to find them, and personalize your funeral. You can even find ways of prepaying for your funeral, though it is not required. You don’t have to pick out a casket if you find it too ghastly. Some items you can cross off of your preneed checklist are selecting a church and clergy, or deciding that you don’t want a religious service.

Picking out your cemetery plot ahead of time will be a good way to make sure you have some prime real estate, too. You can choose what music will play, whether the casket will be open or closed, the text of your obituary, who your pallbearers are, and what you’ll be wearing when you are buried. Even if you may not care too much about your funeral, you will be eliminating the guesswork from your family, so they don’t have to stress about what you would have preferred. Once your arrangements are all set, make sure you have them written down and in a safe but easy-to-find place. Pre-planning will help you control what happens to you after death, and will provide a bit of stability for your loved ones in their time of grief.

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