Cemetries & Plots

Finding the right cemetery and plot can provide a better place for quiet reflection and visitation throughout the years.

Many people choose a final resting place ahead of time, even purchasing a plot years in advance just to be certain of where they'll end up. Planning helps to curb costs and ease the process later on down the road. The first step in purchasing a plot is approaching it with the same fastidious organization and thought process as any other decision. There are a lot of emotions that get thrown into the process of picking out a plot, but you really have to do some research and find a plot that will be in an area that is both convenient yet nice. So how do you plan to purchase one of these and how much will it cost? Read on to find out.

Picking a Location

It really is all about the location when you decide on a burial place. If you want to be buried near something specific, such as your home or a beach, then you may have only a few options. If you have to be buried near other family members, then you have even more of a specific location. You should decide on the region, town or a specific cemetery ahead of time if possible. Otherwise, you should consider what the preferences of the deceased were or where the person would enjoy as a final resting place.

Comparing the Costs

You should start by finding different cemeteries in the specific area and comparing the costs, as well as checking out consumer reviews. You can find a lot of consumer reviews online, but you may also want to look at the Better Business Bureau. You also will need to visit and check out the premises. Is it well-maintained? How easy is it to get in and out? Is the trash regularly removed? When you are conducting research on cemeteries, look for things like unresolved disputes, problems with burial services, or odd operation rules.

Type of Burial

There are traditional burials and green burials. Cemeteries should be able to offer you both. Vaults are often necessary to secure a plot for burial, but a green cemetery burial can simply need liners and nothing more than a simple wooden box, which is biodegradable. In addition, how will you mark the grave site? You may want to get an intricate or simple headstone. You may also want the deceased to rest near a specific tree or rock to identify the plot. You may also have to comply with rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Buying a cemetery plot doesn't have to be incredibly expensive and it can even save you money if done in advance. You may also want to consider pre-owned plots, which are plots that have changed owners or recently were released by a previous owner. These haven't been used yet, so it's safe to purchase and know that your loved one is in a plot all to himself.