The Funeral Organization Burial Vaults

A burial vault is part of the funeral planning process and burial process for individuals who choose non-cremation services. The burial vault is for in ground burial and is used to house the casket. For those individuals who are unfamiliar with funeral planning, the networks funeral professionals of The Funeral Organization will be happy to assist you in explaining the burial vault process, finding the proper burial vault and placing the burial vaults for the funeral. The following is a list of burial vault products and services available through The Funeral Organization.

Burial Vault Counseling

Burial vault counseling and consulting is one of the many services offered by the Funeral Organization. Burial vault counseling and consulting is an option available to individuals who may not have previous knowledge of burial vault enclosures or what type of burial vault may be needed. The first option available through burial vaults counseling is to explain the differences between various burial vaults and burial liners. The burial vault is used to protect the casket from natural or man-made issues. For example the natural weight of the earth could damage the casket over time. The burial vault is placed in order to prevent this type of damage. Another example of the way a material vault protects the casket from damage is the protection from man-made equipment and grounds maintenance that may cause issues with ground weight and the casket itself. Burial vaults are made from either concrete, hardened plastic or steel depending on the type of burial vault chosen and depending on the laws and regulations of burial vaults for that area. Though the particular county, city or state may not have regulations regarding burial vaults a cemetery or memorial garden may have specific regulations governing what type of burial vaults can be chosen.

A burial liner will also be discussed when burial vaults are purchased. A burial liner is a burial vault service and product that covers the casket itself. The burial vault will completely enclose the casket while a burial liner will keep the casket from having to the direct contacts with the vault and the ground itself. The burial liner serves as a way to protect the casket during the burial process and over time through modern equipment used in cemeteries. The burial liner is generally required by cemeteries that may have an issue with grades sinking or grounds levels becoming uneven such as in areas like New Orleans, Florida and certain areas of Texas and California. Cemeteries may require that both a burial liner and a burial vault be purchased and placed prior to the funeral.

Burial Vault Regulations

As previously stated, certain states may have regulations regarding burial vaults. If a state does not have a regulation certain cemeteries and Memorial Gardens mate. Our skilled staff is available to help you determine the regulations and work around and with those regulations in order to place the vault necessary for the funeral and burial.