Cremation Urns

Funeral Organization Cremation and Urns Cremation is an option that more and more people are choosing for various reasons. Cremation offers its benefits financially and in some cases spiritually. Cremation services can be somewhat confusing for individuals who have not dealt with this type of funeral planning in the past. For that reason, the Funeral Organization is committed to helping individuals through the cremation process and in choosing the proper products and services for their cremation needs. The following is a small sampling of the cremation products and services available through our network of funeral professionals.

C Cremation Options

There are three main types of cremation service options available for individuals. These options include the traditional service with cremation, memorial service and cremation or cremation without a ceremony. A traditional cremation service offers family members and close friends the options that are generally offered with a traditional funeral such as a wake and ceremony services. A key factor of a traditional funeral service is the preparation of the body and by being placed in a casket. This cremation is held as with normal funeral services with a funeral ceremony to follow in the afternoon or the following day. A traditional funeral service with cremation will generally take place in a church, chapel or funeral home and will include all of the services available at a traditional funeral service. Cremation services are performed following the normal funeral service with various options available for the families to choose from.

The memorial service option is a cremation option that centers around the normal memorial services held at a traditional funeral service. This type of service has many options available that are dependent on the family wishes. The cremated remains may or may not be present due to the family wishes. The memorial service can be held at any location including a chapel, church or at an outside location depending on the family wishes. This memorial service is generally personalized to the memory of the deceased.

Cremation services without a ceremony generally include no memorial, no typical funeral service and will have a simple cremation services only. This type of cremation is handled through the mortuary. Any documentation that is necessary for the cremation service is handled at the time of the cremation in the mortuary setting. The cremated remains are placed at the cemetery, memorial complex or are released to the individual who is authorized for release of the remains.

CCremation Urn Options

In addition to the type of cremation options available, family members may also be able to choose the type of urn that will be used for the remains. Urns come in several styles and price ranges. Our dedicated staff of funeral professionals will be happy to assist you or your family members in finding the right urn to fit your needs. It should be noted that the remains will be placed in the urn at the time of memorial or traditional cremation service. If a cremation service without a ceremony is chosen the remains may be picked up at the mortuary or may be sent via United States Postal Service to any location throughout the world or United States.