The Funeral Organization Estate Planning

Estate planning is an aspect of the funeral planning service that is generally handled during a pre-planning consultation. The Funeral Organization offers services for estate planning and other pre-planning service requests. The following is a list of the estate planning services available through the Funeral Organization.

Estate Planning Consultation

Estate planning consultation services are offered to those individuals who are interested in a state planning as part of their pre-planning for funeral arrangements. Estate planning consultation services can be arranged through the Funeral Organization. If your organization will help you locate a local estate planner, attorney who handles estate planning or funeral service professional who handles estate planning services. The estate planning consultation is generally a one time meeting where the estate planner will discuss your options, fees and how to go about starting your estate planning. Some of these consultations are free, however, many are not and will require a small retainer fee in order to have your estate of value weighted for estate planning purposes.

Estate Tax Services

As part of the estate planning services, estate tax services are also offered. Estate tax services will cover any taxes that need to be paid on your estate prior to that estate being awarded to an individual as part of inheritance. This service also includes estate tax representation and allows the individual to maintain their estate and estimate the calculated value of those estates and the taxes that will need to be handled. This will allow the individual to estimate the taxes, pay the taxes or be able to set aside funds for the taxes so the individual inheriting the estate will not be responsible for paying the initial taxes on that estate.

Choosing Estate Planning Service

Even after consultation, some individuals may not know what types of estate planning services are needed in order to obtain the end result that the individual is hoping for. Estate planning services through the Funeral Organization are designed to not only educate an individual on the estate planning services available to them but also help them choose the right estate planning services for their needs. Estate planning choices can include allowing the estate to remain the way it is with nothing done for estate planning, placing the estate into a joint tenancy, executing a will to discuss the inheritance of the estate or to establish a revocable living trust. These are all options that will be discussed by a professional from the Funeral Organization to help you choose the right option for you.