The Funeral Organization Memorials

There are several types of memorials available for individuals who are in the preplanning or funeral planning process. These types of funeral memorials can be discussed with a representative from the Funeral Organization. A skilled funeral professional from the Funeral Organization will be happy to discuss the type of memorials available for your needs and what each memorial includes. The following is a small list of the types of memorials that are available for individuals to choose depending on the type of burial options or cremation options the family has chosen.

Traditional Memorial Options

Traditional memorial options are the most common form of funeral memorials available. The traditional memorial option offers a viewing or wake the night before or morning before a burial. This viewing is for family and friends and generally lasts between one to three hours. After the viewing a funeral will be held within 24 hours of the way. This funeral service is held either at a funeral home, Chapel or church depending on the family's wishes. Following the funeral a burial service will be held. There are some cases with traditional memorial options were a graveside service can be held separately or as part of the funeral service itself. The graveside service marks the final portion of the funeral service and memorial.

Grave Side Memorial

A graveside memorial service is often chosen by individuals who would like to have the memorial held at the same time of the burial. This is generally a shorter form of memorial service with a few people speaking at the graveside prior to the burial. Burial is generally done within a few minutes of the close of the memorial with family and friends present. There may be some options available for individuals who choose graveside memorial services. These options can be discussed with a funeral professional from the Funeral Organization.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials are available for families who wish to have their loved one cremated. Cremation memorials can occur through traditional cremation memorial planning or through memorial with no cremation ceremonies or through other forms of cremation memorial ceremonies. There are several types of cremation memorial sermons that can be discussed with a funeral professional from the funeral organization. These options can be discussed in great detail with several options made at the time of planning.